Are you looking for a chauffeured Bus or Van for School or University transportation use? Depending on the duration of your mobility needs , you should consider the short term and long term lease option offered by Bus2Charter. Leasing with us enables you to take advantage of our purchasing strengths. Not only that, you also profit from our fixed monthly installments for ease of budgeting for the whole duration of the Bus lease.

Our lease terms are flexible – from 12 months up to 36 months for any type of School transportation vehicle.

Benefits of leasing a School Bus with us:

  1. Vehicle Acquisition – providing the best value on fleet vehicles
  2. Fleet Maintenance – Helping you to manage your fleet vehicle expenses
  3. Fleet Fuel Management – Providing you the best fleet fuel management
  4. License & Registration – We handle everything for your license renewal
  5. Fleet Insurance Services – Our fleet insurance services have local relationships that provide fast turnaround on your claims.

Comfort School Bus / Bas Sekolah

Passenger Seat = 40 – 44

Comfort School Van / Van Sekolah

Passenger Seat = 8 – 16

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